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The installation of aluminum windows and doors must notice

The installation of aluminum windows and doors must notice

If there are a block phenomenon when opening and closing doors and windows, and requires a lot of strength to switch, the lap width between frame and sash is small, around gaps are not equal phenomenon, They are generally composed of the following factors:

(1) Door and window frame or sash deformation, sealing strip loose.

(2) Hardware accessories damage.

(3) The installation quality is poor, beyond the allowable deviation very much, but does not adjust.

Prevention measures:

(1) The installation of windows and doors must be in accordance with the installation process, check installation quality and adjust each working procedure at any time.

(2) There must be the centerlines of window frame and the window hole. Align their centerlines, temporary fix frame corners, careful adjust of window frame of levelness, verticality and right angle. The tolerance should be within the scope.

(3) Before the sash go into the frame, should examine diagonal and flatness deviation. After the sash go into the frame, check the lap width and around gaps with steel ruler, the feeler gauge, until it meets the requirements.

(4) Install of hardware and parts correctly. The damages should be replaced.

(5) Protect finished product properly and have good normal maintenance, prevent external shocks, do not hang weight things and resulting in deformation of doors and windows. Opening or closing door and window lightly, prolong its service life.

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