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It's much more complicated to build sunroom than to make doors and windows. Thus we should consider our own needs reasonably. We should pay attention to the use, safety, aesthetics, price etc.

Now we introduce briefly the classification, production process and composition of price to the sunroom.

One, sunroom classification

According to the shape, sunroom can be divided into the sloping, steeple, curved, flat roof and special-shaped sun room etc.

According to the roof material, sunroom can be divided into tempered glass, color steel plate, endurance board roof, etc.

According to the structure material, it can be divided into aluminum structure, steel, aluminum clad wood sun room, etc.


Each sunroom has its own feature, in which steel structure is more practical and price reasonable. The sunroom has better structure, durable, safe and reliable. We also recommend that you can consider this type of sunroom.

Two, sunroom production process

Steel structure sun room as an example, the detailed sun room making method:

The first step, in accordance with the contract size and actual need, welds steel skeleton with a 3 mm thickness 40mm*80mm specification steel pipe. If required, thicker, higher standard of steel pipe can be used. Before welding, pipe should be prepared anti-rust treatment, ensure the pipe will not rust. In the welding process, the pipe connection spot should be full, not loose, without gap. The completion of steel skeleton welding will ensure the maximum safety. In the future use it can withstand stronge wind and rain attack safely, this is very important in coastal city which typhoons are frequent.

The second step, cover the steel skeleton with a 1.2mm aluminum tubes. By this, it can not only play a role in protection, but also have a good appearance. And the framework can have a good combination with the doors and windows.

The third step, according to the completed actual size of the steel skeleton, produces and installs the sunshine roof, doors and windows. Sunshine roof is generally 8mm tempered glass, 5mm+0.76pvb+5mm laminated tempered glass, or 75cm color steel plate edition of several. Can also be in accordance with the requirements of production, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm tempered glass, laminated glass, film coated glass and so on. Doors and windows can be frameless or with frame.

The fourth step, be followed by sealing with silicone and foaming agent at every connection points in the sunroom to ensure that it will not leak. Sealing must be processed in sunny weather. It is absolutely prohibited to glue in raining day, because the rain water go into the silicone, which will cause solidification problem. After solidification with water, it has honeycomb pores, and causes leaks.

The fifth step, undertakes other ending work, finds potential problems, and makes solutions.

Three, sunroom pricing

In terms of price control, curved dome price is higher than the steeple roof one, the steeple roof price is higher than flat and sloping roof one. It can be said that the flat and sloping roof sunroom is good at the price and Practicability. Their drainage and seal are good, and the lighting is also quite good.

From the material, the performance and price comparison of 8mm glass roof is more appropriate. We can also use the 10mm, 12mm, laminated glass, PC endurance board. Of course the price are more expensive.

We sincerely provide you professional quality products, and allow you own easily the high-quality sunroom.

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